Easley Baseball Club was created with the intention of being different. We wanted to be more than just additional practice or a quick-fix coaching solution. We know the diligence and determination that goes into making a superior baseball player. The skills and principles taught through the EBC experience are lifelong lessons that will make not only successful players, but good men.

We place a high priority on creating lasting relationships with our players. Our hope would be to work with them throughout their entire career, and maybe even have them come back and coach with us one day. Lasting bonds create trust, confidence, and dependability that we know are crucial in life.

Not only are our coaches and staff members great role models of character, but they've got great ball skills! All of our team has numerous years of playing and or coaching the great game of baseball. We have worked hard to put together this all-star staff because we know the value of experience. Their skills combined with the positive and creative style of Easley Ball Club creates a unique experience for all. You can expect focused and challenging practices in preparation for their big games, but you can also count on special mentoring opportunities and exciting events.

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