Easley Baseball Club

Easley Baseball Club was founded in May of 2017 by Ed Easley. After a 10-year career playing professional baseball, Ed returned home and wanted to give back to his community. Since EBC's inception, we have grown substantially including managing over 25 teams of various age groups, hosting multiple training clinics a year with other professional baseball players, and providing kids with all the necessary tools to elevate their game. We were able to grow due to the hard work of our elite coaching staff who dedicates all they have to help kids be the best they can be both on and off of the field. Let EBC help you reach your goals in your baseball journey.

A Message From Ed Easley

I was fortunate to play for Mike Matheny when I was with the Cardinals, one of the most respected men in the game of baseball today. 

Mike coached his kids after retirement and this is a letter to the parents on his team outlining his expectations and beliefs in youth coaching. It also serves as a contract between coach and parent and I love it.

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Coaches and Staff

Easley Baseball has assembled a phenomenal team of coaches and staff who are passionate about the game. Read more about Coaches and Staff!



At EBC we do everything in our power to help our players reach the next level. We are so proud of our current alumni, and we are excited to see who is next!

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